Summer Romper!

ROMPER               SANDALS.

Hello guys! So walking in downtown Memphis yesterday I wore this romper that is sooooo comfortable and so cute! I really like how it sits in all the right places and the vibrant colors are so awesome! I got it at Target the other day because it was by Victoria Beckham for Target and it is the only piece I got because it was the only one that actually accentuated the body, the rest were just straight dresses, and sometimes I want to get clothes that show some shape ; )! So this romper is great for going out to do something fun, to relax at home or to go out at night with a pair of black strappy heels!

Also these sandals are made for walking (so I thought) initially until I went walking to the Zoo for two hours the other day and they gave me a huge blister in the back of my right foot! But now I have callus so I can walk for days with them ha! But in all fairness they are very comfy besides the reviews on them! I chose this color because it is versatile and goes with every color clothes you want to wear!

Anyway, I thought I’d share this outfit with you ; ) ! Have an awesome day, afternoon, night or wherever time you are reading from! Don’t forget to be kind to others and crack a smile! Muuuuuuak kisses! Chaooooo



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