Spring is almost here + some love!

Hello there! I’m so excited that Spring is almost here! The flowers, the birds, the weather, the colorful clothing, the cars covered in pollen, EVERTHING! Spring is one of my favorite seasons if not my favorite because it’s colorful and alive and I’m about all that ; ) ! I’m so happy to see that some trees are starting to bloom! Also valentine is almost here wohoooo! I do say that Valentine is almost every week in our house, for some reason Stefan and I feel like we are still in some sort of honey moon 😍! Marriage is one of the best things that ever happened to me (being married to the right person) can either make or break one’s life, so I’m thankful to the Lord Jesus for placing Stefan in my way and for Stefan to propose marriage twice hahaha! Stefan and I realize that Valentine’s Day is a commercial day for “love” so we don’t fall into the pit of giving each other gifts or stuff like that. We do make sure to demonstrate love to one another with our actions and sometimes with little things that we might think the other person would like very much! But that happens not only on Valentine’s Day but every time we want to make each other feel especial! Life is so simple but we never fail to complicate it every single time! But the greatest things we have are God, our families, our friends and especial people we meet along the way NOT just things!!

I was thinking yesterday that to have my family, to see my baby boy grow, and to savor each moment is such a big privilege. The act of stoping to think about those things is to be in the present and that’s really all we have! I hope you guys have an awesome day and that Valentine’s Day might be just another day to show someone some love and appreciation!

Thank you guys for passing by to read a little ; ) Muuuuuuuuuuuak!



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