Reunion with my Choir Friends!

Our Choir Director, Liliana Cruz Velasquez

Hello guys! One of the reasons I decided to go to Valledupar, Colombia (where I’m from) other than to be with family, was to get together with some of the members of the choir I used to be part of when I was a little girl (7 to 13 years old). So we used to sing (obviously) and travel around the country. Also we went to Venezuela once to sing with the Zulia choir. To top it of, we recorded a CD! That was soooo exciting! This experience has been so memorable and it taught me discipline, perseverance but most of all, the meaning of friendship. I was so happy to be reunited with my childhood friends and we had he best time catching up with each other’s lives and singing old choir songs (sometimes we did not remember the lyrics) but what matter the most was being together! We laughed and recognized that we were the same little kids we once were. I love and miss this kind of warmth and real people. It felt like we never got separated!
So that’s it guys! I hope you could feel much love and fun through these pictures, although pictures do not make these moment justice!

DRESS/ I got it in Valledupar at the Guatapuri mall in a store called STC. Stric.  Isn’t soooo cute? I loved it ; )!

PS My family and I are already in Memphis and it is so cold here! yikes!

Until next post! Muuuuuuuaak

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