My Coat here! / Marco’s Sweater here!


The other day we went to downtown Memphis to walk and to have brunch, one of our little things to do on the weekends when it’s pretty outside. When I moved to Memphis 11 years ago I felt so bored like there was nothing to do in this city but to go eat! Also coming from a city where people walked everywhere, took the bus everywhere and interacted with their neighbors in a daily basis made it even WORSE (believe me I still have my moments of meltdown ha) but we have learnt to enjoy and see the many positive things of this city and now even more since Marco is a Memphian ; )!  Gotta say that Memphis has beautiful seasons, although it doesn’t snow much during Winter, the other three seasons are very marked and right now Fall is sooooo beautiful, like it’s breathtaking to see all these amazing tree colors EVERYWHERE! We do enjoy traveling and seeing people enjoy life, sitting at a café and moving fast, (we do miss that a looooot) so when we come back to Memphis we lay back and pretty much move at a glacial pace haha but that’s alright.

I love how Marco is always so happy with whatever he finds to play with, sticks, rocks, whatever it is and he doesn’t complain! I also love how he randomly gives me very tight hugs with pad on the back and kisses me! He is sooo sweet I can’t even! But you see, I don’t just try to make Marco happy which is what I hear parents say all the time “I’m trying to keep my kids happy” like reaaally? are you a clown or something? That’s not like any of this work!!! We aren’t here to make our kids happy, happiness is the result of the love, training, discipline and teaching that we give them. Sure is hard work (BUT OOOOOOH SOOOO WORTH IT)!🤗

In another note, this faux fur coat is sooooo comfy, warm and the colors are so much fun specially for this coming winter when I tend to always wear black (so boring), so I’ll be wearing this a lot. It’s ok to go all out with color sometimes, it is fuuuun! The price is so good but the only thing is that I had to take it to the cleaners because it didn’t look its best plus it smelled a little funky when it arrived (it comes directly form China) just giving you a heads up!

I’m in the mood for another trip😩 to a fun place! We’ll see if I see something good enough to book ; )

K, catch you later, muuuuuak! Chaaaaoooooo👋🏽

P.S I’m obsessed with this song!!!!! I can’t get it out!!! But that’s ok ; )



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