Goodbye to Summer 2016

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Hello there! Summer to me is super fun! the sun, showering with cold water, occasionally going to the pool and beach are the most favorite things! and it’s sad when it comes to an end right?

We decided to go to Miami Beach (because there was a direct flight at 6:00 am) to say goodbye to the summer this year. We had a great time, except in the plane; I accidentally wet a woman’s hair, she was sitting in front of me and Marco’s bottle water (had pressure because of the altitude) and it landed on her hair!!! I was embarrassed but she said it was ok, she had three kids and she understood! And we forgot Marco’s portable crib at the airport (we had to go back to get it obviously!), but other than that it went very smoothly. So on the second day of the trip we decided to rent a convertible for a day. We felt like sometimes, one might spend money in a certain activity and a convertible in Miami Beach is an adventure in itself! hahahaha We ended up paying $100 bucks which it’s not bad at all!!!!!!

The weather was super comfortable but almost too cold for the water although we went in anyway : )!

We also went to the Miami Swiss club and we had a blast with good traditional swiss music and lots of good food! and yes I wear white even if I have a toddler, if it gets dirty I just put shout on and voila!

Although this white long dress had some poop at he end of the day because Marco surprised me at the swiss event!!!! but oh well, hahaha!

Anyway, you can check out the video about that weekend any time.

I hope you guys have a fabulous day! Muuuuuuak


Adios al Verano del 2016

Hola bellezas! El verano es super rico y divertido! el sol, la brisa, la piscina, y la playa son una de mis cosas favoritas! Lastima cuando se acaba!

Por eso decidimos irnos a Miami Beach un fin de semana y despedir al verano 2016. La pasamos rico a excepcion en el avion, ya que le derrame agua en el pelo a la señora que estaba sentada delante de nosotros!! (el termo de Marco saco agua a presion, por lo de la presion en el avion)! Que pena mas grande, pero la señora dijo que no me preocupara, que fresca, porque ella entendia, ella tenia tres hijos!

Tambien olvidamos la cuna portatil de Marco en el carrusel del areopuerto (pero regresamos a buscarla obviamente!). Al dia siguiente decidimos recorrer Miami Beach en un convertible que rentamos por $100 dolares! (super precio!). A veces la gente paga ese precio por actividades, asi que decidimos rentar el convertible porque recorrer Miami asi es mas que una actividad hahahaha!

Tambien fuimos al Club Suizo de Miami, la pasamos rico, con musica suiza tradicional y buena comida! Y si, me pongo blanco aunque tengo a un niño pequeño, si se ensucia solo le pongo shout o clorox y ya esta!

Pueden ver el video de ese fin de semana en la parte derecha en cualquier momento que quieran!

Espero que tengan un dia fantastico! Muuuuuak chao!



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