How to Always Look Great w/o Trying too Hard?

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Like Coco Chanel would say “Simplicity is the keynote of true elegance”. Here are 5 things to ALWAYS consider when you want to look great without trying so hard from moi to toi! Who wants to try hard anyway🤷🏻‍♀️!

1- Always Having a great Haircut and Blow dry hair: This is sooo important because the hair is what frames our whole body. We see harmony when the hair falls into place and enhances our features. Find a hairstylist who gets you and to whom you can tell your vision (it took me 6 years to find mine -that’s how picky I am-). I you aren’t sure about which haircut suits you then gather pictures of people from Pinterest or Instagram who have your similar face shape (that makes it easier) and also determine the color you want and keep it up date! I used to have sun kissed highlights 9 years ago but I felt like it was too much maintenance so I decided to keep my natural color ; ) ! Also blow dry your hair to give it volume and texture!

2- Keep a Simple Makeup: There is nothing more distracting and unrealistic than seeing a woman with a ton of makeup on. It also gives the message that she is trying way too hard to look good! If we are going to a Ball Gown event then maybe go for it, but if it is your everyday and weekends just keep it simple. Meaning, make sure you conceal imperfections here and there, groom and frame your eyebrows well, define your eyes, apply enough mascara, accentuate your cheeks with blush or matte bronzer, and apply a natural color lipstick, and voilà! For best results apply cream make up instead of powder ; )

3- Have in Mind Neutral Colors with a Twist + Make Sure the Clothing Fit Right: Neutral colors are always chic, like black, brown, gray, beige, camel, whites, pinks and navy blue are basics and must always be in your closet. When I mean with a twist I’m talking about breaking the monochromatic tones, for instance, instead of going all boring black add some colorful shoes, hat, coat or scarves. That way you will look chic ; ). Finally the clothing need to fit on the right places, not too tight not too baggy and that you can move well with it!

4- If you don’t know what shoes to wear ALWAYS grab the pointy ones (they elongate the legs)! As a mom to a toddler I wear the 3 inch heels because I can walk for hours and run in them. Before Marco and when he was a baby I wore the 6 inch ones. I know what my priorities are now wink wink ; )

5- Clean Nails: If you don’t paint your nails or have been too lazy to paint them like me soemtimes, please have them cut and clean, period!

So, there you have it! I hope this was helpful to you and have these key points in mind when it’s time to get dressed!

Let me know if you have any questions and don’t forget to subscribe so that we can interact better k? Muuuuuak, kisses! See ya around!


P.S. These pants are soooooo comfortable and great quality!

If you know a little about me you’ve noticed that I love french pop and right know as I write this I’m hooked to this song!

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