Today’s Look



Hello guys! Today was a beautiful day! it feels so nice to go outside, specially for Marco because he loves to be outdoors. So we decided to go to the Zoo, we did not go inside because we wanted to go grab lunch and once we get in it’s like the whole day is gone! hahaha. So we were in the outside area which is also nice, Marco loved playing and running around. Of course this weather was so awesome because I got to wear this Marc Fisher boots that I’m seriously enjoying at the moment! I know you have seen on Instagram that I wear them non stop, and that is because they are super comfortable and they make me look elongated for some reason;). THIS BOOTS ARE TRICKY because if you are not careful, you can end up looking super inappropriate. The key is to wear a dress a little loose, since the boots are tight to the legs, so you keep a balance you see? tight+tight looks cheap, but loose+tight looks good to the eye ;). So I decided to wear a nylon black dress that I have had in my closet for like 10 years (not exagerating) and I put on this cozy sweater that I have had for 4 years now (it was a hand me down from my aunt). I decided to add accessories like a cute cross body velvet mini bag (I got it at a garage sell 6 years ago) and a navy blue hat to not look all black and white. I hope you guys had an amazing day and thanks for stopping by! MUUUUAK 😉


Sweater by


Dress by Newport

Hat by Macy’s

Boots by Marc Fisher (i got mine through Amazon)

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