Out and About in Valledupar, Colombia

Hello there! So we arrived in Colombia on Tuesday night after we missed a flight (mechanical errors in the plane). Marco is a very good traveler, we barely have any problems with him, it was me who did not sleep, not even ONE hour the night before out trip!!! You guys, that’s the worse of the worse. Anyway we made it safe and we arrived to Barranquilla first to visit my dad and my dad’s family. I do not have pictures because I forgot the camera in the Hotel room. We are now in Valledupar, the city where I’m from. After trying to rest a bit the two past days, today we decided to go out and about, we went for a short walk and visited the river Guatapurí! this river is sooo cold, like iced water almost!!! but it is sooooo beautiful! Marco touched the water and started crying hahaha! And the water from the faucet is also freezing hahaha! Stefan and I hate it though, our showers lasts 2 minutes and I’m not exaggerating!

I’m so happy I get to be here because the weather is very warm (which I looove) so I get the chance to wear dresses all day every day wohooooo! Also I love being with the fam obviously!

Anyway, here is the report! Thank you guys for passing by to read a little ;)! Muuuuuuak


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