Marco Meets his Colombian Family!

Hello guys! It is always special to spend time with family! This are some of the pictures we captured from our trip to Colombia two weeks ago ; ). We were in Barranquilla and Valledupar (my home town)!

Marco meeting his grandfather for the first time! He was sacred of my dad’s beard though hahaha!

This was pretty much every morning, walking and picking up mangoes either with his great-grandfather or his great-grandmother :  )

Like I said on my Instragram, fish, vegetables and fruit sellers would come house to house every morning to sell their fresh products!

Marco and his great-aunt!

Marco and my cousin Charlie buying some vegetables.

Marco and his great-grandfather going for a walk.

This guys was the center of attention for these ladies! My cousin and aunt.

Mornings outside the house! Happy diaper baby!

Marco eating a fresh mango. This was everyday!

The last day my dad came to the hotel in Barranquilla to spend more time together : )

It is always special to spend time with family! The family you see in these photos are my mother’s side. The first day we arrived and saw my dad’s family at the hotel in Barranquilla I forgot my camera (I had not slept for 0ver 24 hours literallly) hence the forgetful mind! Therefore I did not take good pictures of them. It was so nice to see them and talk to them after not seeing them for over 13 years or so! We went up to the hotel restaurant which had a beautiful view to the city! Marco was nice and playful although we had been traveling all day long!

Then we went to Valledupar (4 hours by car) where we spent time with my maternal side of the family. The weather is hot but breezy, the food is amazing and the atmosphere of relaxation hits when we sit outside my grandmother’s house. The whole family was expecting Marco very anxiously, and the little boy was unloved with everyone, like if he had met them before! hahaha. We had a good time and we are very happy that Marco got to meet his colombian family!

Anyway, there are more pictures form my previous posts if you want to check them out.

Thank you guys for stopping by to read a little! I will talk to you in the next post! Muuuuuuuak! Besos!

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