Our first Day in Naxos!

My Bathing Suit here!


Hello guys! So after Santorini we went to Naxos because we have very good friends there and Naxos has sandy beaches unlike Santorini where you find rocky beaches instead. The view from our friends’ house was so amazing and they are the sweetest people ever, I love them so much! I felt like it was so dreamy waking up every day like that! For Marco’s crib we use this one because it is so easy to use and it fits almost everywhere! It’s amazing! We have been traveling with it since Marco was super small. Also you can take it to the beach if you want your baby to get off the sand and sleep some. You carry it as a backpack!

Ok, so the first day we decided to just relax at the beach and we literally spent the whole day there! The water is soooo cold which is nice when it is so hot ; ) ! For Stefan and I the beach is our happy place, we feel like we can relax and do nothing but eat and take alternated naps haha! The sunset was fantastic and the breeze felt just right! I love to capture Marco’s movements and Stefan likes to capture mine on camera so it works just fine!

I’m so thankful to God for my family and the chance we have to experience this country together. Everything about Naxos is awesome! We also rented a car here and it felt so good to roll down the windows to feel the breeze on our faces! We felt so much freedom!

The cow picture was so random because we were driving and all of a sadden we saw these cows almost on the side of the road and I decided to take a picture with it (because cows and I have history together) There is even a song my mom wrote about cows and our family (I’ll tell you later)!

Oh and I was only in my bathing suit, so that’s why it looks even more random haha. To tell you the truth I’m just a risk taker so I didn’t care😜!

I hope you guys are having an amazing day! I’m going to bed now because I’m really exhausted! Kissess, muuuuuuuack!


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