No pool, no problem!

Me trying to catch the water balloon haha, I failed!

 Bathing Suit, here! (they are out of this color but got cuter ones)!

Marco’s overall water suit I got it at ThredUp! (second hand clothing but it was new)!

I wanna start but writing that my phone doesn’t work so that’s why I haven’t been able to post any pictures : ( ! It’s starting to get hot in Memphis and we don’t have a pool (which we are working on), so I picked up these balloons at Target and they are so much fun! They reminded me of when I was a kid and we (neighbors) would inflate little thin plastic bags with water and throw them at each other and it was a splash/blast! So that is what we did the other day! Marco loved throwing the water balloons at me and Stefan but getting wet was a shock to him hahaha. We also had the fam over for some burgers and chill time! This was Stefan’s first time grilling eva and he did sooooo well! (I told him my secret seasoning for veggies though ; ) There is nothing like relaxing and having family over! My uncle is visiting from Colombia and we love him!

I got this bathing suit last year and this year it seems like they don’t have this color, instead they have other ones that are cuter I think! This bathing suit is so comfortable and the price is ridiculous!

I’m starting to get into real shape this month, I feel that I have been so behind in my workouts, and it doesn’t feel right! If you follow my Insta Stories I share there all of my exercises and foods I eat, and I know that I should make another video about it! But I feel that Insta Stories are so easy and quick!

Anyway, thanks for passing by to read a little! Muaaaaak see ya later, chaooooo!


P.S Wear that bathing suit and enjoy the time with your kids, it’s worth it! We women are not perfect and we should not “wait for that perfect” time to do what we want to do! Just own it and go!❤️


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