No Baby Sitter this Semester= No School for Moi!

He is still in the season of “mamma mamma mamma” : )

No wonder why my back aches so much lately hahahaha!

Hello guys! This semester I had register for classes since I want to graduate as soon as possible form Health Promotion and Lifestyle Management! But unfortunately I had to drop them because I didn’t find anybody to watch Marco the two days I was suppose to go to school! Even mothers’ day out was super full and I was not just going to place him somewhere I don’t know the people! That said, I think it was the right decision, my health has not been good for the last year and I feel like (and the doctors say) that I should not put so much pressure on myself and try not to stress much, so I think that me not going to school this semester gives me the freedom to do just that. I do want to finish school so badly but I know what my priorities are, and for now they are my lovely husband, my son, family, friends and obviously take care of my health. I enjoy having family time so much,  I even like going to buy groceries at Costo even when it rains! Life is so simple but we never fail to complicated every single time, especially here in the States (I feel everything goes so fast)! I feel that to be able to live it’s such a blessing and I want to make sure I live and that life doesn’t sneak away from me. I’m conscious that life is now, hence my hashtags in my Instagram posts #lifeisnow because it is not yesterday (that willl NEVER come back) and the future (is not here-although is good to be wise-) so I make sure I get to kiss, hug and cuddle my family now in the present and also I make sure to help those in need (life is not just about us) and how cute we look in Target clothes ; ). Anyway I’m happy about this season I find myself in and I hope to enjoy it to the fullest with the ones I love!

Talk to you guys soon! Thanks for reading ; ) Muuuuuuuuuak kisses!

Top (picked up at Target last week!) by/  WhoWhatWear

Coat by/  Zara (old)

Pants/ old ones by Eva Mendez (the most comfortable pants EVER, got them for $10 at a mall three years ago!) I can’t recommend similar bc I can’t find any pants similir to these! : ( !!

Hat/ Macy’s

Shoes/ Zara (they are $29.99 now!).


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