Night Routine With Marco!

Hello there! Marco is our fourteen month old son and we see him grow up so quickly, it’s almost sad! Some of my friends ask me about the night routine that we have with Marco since he was five months old in order for him to go to bed at 7 pm! Before that, it was really crazy and painful for me since we spent one month in Switzerland two months prior to his established bed routine, and some of you know, when one travels to Europe from the States and vice versa, the jet lag hits hard, plus I developed insomnia and I was exclusively breastfeeding Marco (he would not take a bottle)! There were a bunch of horrible things happening to me at the same time! To tell you that that trip and the return back home was worse than being pregnant, giving birth and breastfeeding all together! And this is not nearly to exaggeration . But I feel like I have to make a video to explain the whole thing!

Anyway, for the sanity of this house I read the Dream Sleeper book! This helped me to sleep train Marco, and develop a night routine that he responded well to.

First, we give him dinner around 6 pm, after that, he plays and we give him a bath around 6:45 pm (his skin runs on the dry side so we bathe him every other day). He loooooooves bath time and of course he splashes and water goes everywhere but that’s ok!

After that, I apply moisturizing cream on his skin, then I put on his diaper and his pajamas. Following this I dry his hair with the hairdryer (he really doesn’t like this part : /). After that, we read books (his favorite part), a dear friend from church gave Peter Rabbit book to him when he was a baby and that’s the book he HAS to read, even if I had read three books prior to that one! After that Marco drinks his milk (yes he STILL drinks his milk in a bottle – Oatmeal milk + soy formula for toddlers). Following that I brush his teeth, then we pray, we sing, and cuddle before I put him down for his night sleep!

I really love the part when we are together praying and singing! His fourth word was mamen (Amen) hahaha and he tries to sing along with me when I sing. I think is the sweetest thing ever!.

I hope you guys enjoyed this night routine and I really recommend the Dream Sleeper book if you want to establish a routine that works! Although you have to keep in mind that every baby is different!

Thanks for passing by to read a little! Hope you have a good night! And now now to pack suitcases! muuuuuak!


The Dream Sleeper book

Cream I use on Marco/  shea+moisture+raw+shea+chamomile++oil+baby


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