Mary Kay + Germany for a Day!

This past August when I was in Switzerland we drove over to Germany for one day to go to the Mary Kay event! My sister in law introduced me to their products four years ago (before that I had NEVER tried cc creams or foundations) So she gave me the cc cream and I was hooked because it looked like I didn’t have anything on my face and it made my face look way better than it was! Also it had spf and you know how obsessed I am about protecting my skin against the sun! Anyway I really like Mary Kay products but the best thing about it is just not their awesome make up and on point skin care products but how they empower women. You see, you can be the best connoisseur about make up but the goal with it is to make us feel better about ourselves and not necessarily look like drag queens! I started embracing make up 3 months after I had my baby because I looked so exhausted it felt unreal, and make up gave me confidence and it made me feel like I could conquer the day without people judging me with the typical “you look so tired”  arrrgh although I was, but at the end of the day who cared if I was!!! I still had to have things done and looking better than I felt gave me the push I needed to accomplish things and still does.

To me make up is to “MAKE UP” for the lack of sleep I don’t get sometimes and that to me is priceless!

But ALWAYS remember that skincare is even more important and if you ever get Mary Kay skin care products they will not disappoint ya ; ) !

Marco and I have a cold arrrgh, this changing weather from 80 to 50’s in a day is really crazy (hence the cold)! So we are watching movies on the couch and having as many fruits as possible!

Thanks for passing by to read a little! Muaaak kisses!


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