In love with Santorini (Greece)!

Marco’s Outfit HERE!   Blue dress HERE!   My top & bottom HERE!

Finally I have decent wifi ha! So I have to say that before coming here I expected a WHOLE ISLAND covered with white pretty houses! But it wasn’t like that! It’s actually very brown and deserted place, and it is breath taking beautiful! I feel like there is beauty in every corner it’s unbelievable! It is so difficult to explain unless you come here and experience it. So the white houses are everywhere but they are mostly concentrated on Oia (the place) where we are staying and where the sunset is unreal. The island has tons of different rock colors from red to whites and that makes it so freaking cool!

Stefan, Marco and I are enjoying it so much we don’t want to leave! The food is soooo good and so fresh, especially the breads and fish! I enjoy the fresh bread in the morning and their greek coffee. The feta cheese is nothing like they have it in the States! I actually had to ask if it was feta cheese hahaha, it’s so delicious here! I could live here forever eating from the grape vines outside our place. Marco is fascinated with the boats and buses and giggles when we ride them although we rented a small car (that’s the way here) or a four-wheeler looking moto for two people.

I love the people and I often pass for a greek woman or Italian (because of my curly hair) haha, which I’m absolutely enjoying here with the sun and the sea salt 🤗!

I’m listening to greek music right now and boy they have such good music!!!! We also listen to it in the car and it makes us happy!

I hope you are having an awesome day!


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