How to Be a Genuine Likable Person?

Good morning beauties! I hope you are having a fantastic and productive day! I wanted to write about this because wether you like it or not it is always out there, I mean the question of how to be a likable person, you know, to be able to make friends, to be on top of your social game at school, work, etc. As a teenage girl who came to the States to start from zero I might know a thing or five ; ).

So basically if you do these numbers below you’ll have it figured out👌🏽!

#Uno- SMILE: To walk into a room with a genuine smile on your face brights up the place and you will instantly become the Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music of the room! We all like great energy and there is nothing warmer than a sincere smile. If it’s too hard to smile, consider remembering something funny like (farting in a airplane is NOT appropriate. period) and that would crack it up ; )

#Dos- BE INTERESTED: Obviously this applies if you like the person you are with or group!  Nothing is more rude than you giving the impression that you don’t care what they are talking about, therefore they will not talk to you again. The way to look interested in them is by looking at their eyes and engaging by really listening (not just hearing waiting for your turn to talk)!

#Tres- DON’T LIE: Once you have that new friend, or that job or whatever it is, just DON’T LIE! Arrrrrgh there is nothing more awful and just ugly about someone lying (even minimal) like “I was sick” because they were somewhere else, or because they didn’t want to hang out. Just say that you don’t feel like hanging out or whatever it is, jut tell the truth, be courageous, nobody will eat you up! Once people catch a lie on you they will automatically walk away, and good luck by gaining them back!

#Cuatro- OFFER YOUR HELP & ENCOURAGEMENT- We are all having our bad days and having someone there to encourage and help us in anyway they can is really soothing and good appreciative people will notice and won’t be stupid to let you go! You see, helping others and encouraging are a high commodity in today’s society wink wink! Like someone said somewhere “in a world where you can be anything, be KIND”!

#Cinco- HYGIENE- This one is soooooo under estimated but you guuuuuys! There is no WAAAYYY in the universe that I’m going to hang out with someone who smells through their mouth, hair or under arm and neither would you! Chances are if you have fresh breath and smell good, then all the numbers above will follow into place, but oooh you dare to forget this one and you wil automatically go bye bye 👋🏽!…An exception to this # is if you are trying to help a homeless person or befriend street kids for the sake of the gospel and to help them out (then forget about this one ; )!

…and lastly BE YOURSELF (without thinking you are better than anyone else)! You don’t have to pretend someone you are not to be liked! Always remember that your are so unique and there is NOBODY like you and will never be! Also have in mind that you won’t be everybody’s cup of tea and that’s totally fine. Those who will like you for YOU are the ones that matter anyway ; ) Lastly, there is nothing more attractive than a person who lives and enjoys life!!!! Why? Because we are drawn to life and positive vibes, so BE ONE😘!

I hope this helps you a lot! From my truthful  experienced heart to yours ; )! Comment what you think and if you have any questions k? Muuuuuuuak, kisses! See ya around!


My favorite song at the moment with earphones! I always look for songs that inspire me, make me happy and make me dance 😘! And why french? Because they are very expressive and the sound is magnifique!

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