Hospital + Thanksgiving + Excited!

Marco’s outfit here!/ My dresshere!/My coat here!


We started Thanksgiving preping and cooking for our family gathering! But before we walked out the door and the lasagna was completly cooked we had to rush to the emergency room because Marco had an accident and we thought his elbow was dislocated or something! He has such high pain tolerance (he doesn’t cry for anything) so when I saw him crying so hard every time he moved his arm  for just a little bit I knew we had to go! I was sooo worry, gosh to see your child in so much pain and not being able to do anything is one of the worst feelings! We did pray on our way to the hospital and sang his favorite song (Shine Jesus Shine) and he calmed down : ). His Italian doctor was soooooo good, he blew bubbles and fixed him up in no time, so we made it to lunch with the fam! I usually don’t show my family because they don’t want to appear here🤷🏻‍♀️!

We were so thankful for the people in the Hospital who were so sweet and helpful! I’m so thankful for life and to be able to have health (although is not optimal) I’m thankful I get to enjoy, savor and serve my family and friends. I found out very early on in life that happiness is found when we are thankful to God, thankful for what we have, thankful to others, having a good attitude and to give to those in need, specially orphans, widows and single mothers.

I’m so excited about making our food bags to give out to those in need! It’s something that we try to do not only during Christmas time but randomly during the year, we don’t tell people, but I think we should, so we all give a touch of kindness. I’m sure Marco will love it so much since he loooooves to share! I have been so physically weak for two years (since Marco was born) that we haven’t done it officially with him so I’m so happy this year we get to do it as a family🤗!

Also I’m looking forward to the fun for this coming month! We just decorated the Christmas tree this morning and it feels sooo good to have Marco put up some of the decorations and he asks me constantly to sing Jingle Bell haha! I love Christmas more than I ever did before wheeee!!!!

K gotta go eat lunch, muuuuuaaak! Thanks for reading! Catch ya later! 👋🏽Subscribe ; )


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