Family Hiking in Switzerland!

So we have been in Switzerland for almost a week now, we came to spend time with Marco’s grandmother because she was terminally ill with cancer. We had planned to come last Wednesday but she got really sick so fast that we had to come as quickly as possible and we arrived two days earlier than planned just to find out she had passed away while we were flying to see her. We didn’t come soon enough! We thought we were going to have time still to do fun things but it was God’s will that she had to go then. She had so much energy and like adventures and one of the adventures she liked was hiking mountains. So in her memory we decided to go for a hike to the Ebenalp mountain as a family (she hiked there two years ago with stage four cancer🙀!. She would have liked that a lot!!!. First we had an amazing lunch at a restaurant (formal Castle) and it was so dreamy! I can’t show pictures of the whole family because some of them don’t want to be on social media. The view was so lovely and we drank the wine from the backyard. After that we drove and went to our adventure place. It was my first time ever hiking (it’s not my thing at all) but I enjoyed it very much because we did it as a family and we had fun doing it Stefan carried Marco (30 lbs)!. We only hiked for two hours (that was ENOUGH) ha! and at the end was soooo worth it because the view was so ridiculously stunning! Every time I come to Switzerland I feel like in a fairy tale country. You know those calendars with wonderful perfect pictures of landscape that you think it’s too beautiful to be true? Well they EXIST! They are so real it feels unreal!

We finished the evening at the Schnugg Bock restaurant and it was so awesome! I didn’t take many pictures because I was filming and got carried away with the fun haha! This was a very Swiss traditional restaurant. The last picture shows the view, crazy right?.

Ok, I hope you are having a great day! Marco is napping (3:00 pm here) while I’m having my favorite dessert Mrs. Gaby bought for me before she went to heaven (they were waiting for me in the closet when we arrived) wasn’t she so amazing?.



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