Christmas 2016!

Merriest of Christmas to you guys!!! Colombians celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December so yesterday we had my family over for dinner, I made chicken/fruits curry that Stefan loves and my mother wanted to try. My family didn’t want to be photographed : ( !. Stefan’s family lives in Switzerland! Then we opened presents! (we give each other silly stuff like house shoes, clothes etc hahaha) what we like is to be together and get a good laugh ; )! Marco was thrilled with the tricycle my mom and aunt got him, even when we wanted to put him on his pajamas we was holding on to it hahahaha! Stefan got me a cute pair of earrings! Then we danced and finished up watching Tarzan (I really liked that movie!). Today we went to church and were reminded that Jesus Christ the King is the reason for this season! Then we went to my uncle’s family’s house to be together and  share with family :  ). Marco was having the BEST time with the house dog! Marco is so fearless it is almost scary! He is not scared of the dog but loooooves her so much! Today the weather in Memphis was around the 60s degrees! ! So crazy but that is soooooo Memphis though, one day its freezing the next we are sweating hahaha!

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you all! May God bless you and keep you! Muuuuuuuuak

DRESS/ I got it at Zara (they still have it!)

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