Muggy Fall


Hello there! Today is such a typical day here in Memphis, it’s rainy, muggy and cold but I guess that and the beautiful tree colors are what makes it special! Today we went to get a yummy soup at Panera Bread and went for a walk so that Marco would get his energy out. He loves EVERYTHING! cold days, hot days, whatever it is! and that’s a good thing. We like him to explore and get dirty, after all that’s what kids in general areal about right?

When I arrived to Memphis 10 years ago I really hated this type of weather but after I discovered the right clothing to wear during the cold rainy season my perspective about it completely changed!!! From the right socks to wear, the comfy warm leggings, the cozy sweaters, rain boots etc! They make it so much easier to enjoy Fall and Winter for sure ; )

I hope you guys are enjoying this Saturday! Thanks for stopping by to read a little 😉 Muaaaak


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