Summer is Gone!

HAT/ My dresshere!/ Marco’s Shirt here!


It is hard to believe summer is over, I was going through some of or travel pictures and I found these when we were in Switzerland three weeks ago! We had a blast at the Lake of Zurich, but first we went to eat lunch with the fam. The day was so good, it felt perfect! We encountered some swans and Marco was in awe to be so close to them. His face was hilarious! We felt like being at the beach sans the sand and I was scared to go into the water because I thought it was going to be cold and it was haha, but not THAT unbearably cold ya know. We swam a good while and then we ended up the day at our sweet friend’s house, eating amazing food and the BEST spaniard Cabernet wine I have ever tested in my life! They have two adorable children which was great because Marco played with their boy (his age). Marco is such good sports that is so much fun traveling everywhere with him.

I couldn’t stop telling everyone I encountered that I wanted to live in Switzerland, it is so beautiful!!!!! I would love to live in a different country every year if we could though. There is something about the nomad life that I like very much.

Anyway you cannot die before you visit Switzerland k?

See ya later😘! Muuuuuuak, kisses!


Ps Marco’s shorts are made by my mom!

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