Financial Peace to Live & Enjoy Life? My Christmas Edition!

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This is our second Christmas here as a family because in the years prior we were either in Switzerland or Colombia! I feel like I just got married because I’m still collecting things like Christmas decor to have for years to come haha! Before Stefan and I got married we decided to never ever get into debt! We didn’t walk  into the marriage with debt which made it very easily compared to other people but we didn’t have our parents paying for our wedding or anything like that and we drove used cars! So it was just all us!

All this to say that we HATE debt and there was no way in the universe that we were going into debt in order to have things for the sake of it or to show off stuff we didn’t have. We started saving rigorously and we had the goal to save up our emergency fund and follow the Financial Peace program that Dave Ramsey recommends. Our priorities in life were and are to not to posses a bunch of things but to build memories (especially through traveling), give to others in need, provide our children with a great education and live happily without a financial burden at all! And it feels soooooo good! You see, if I want to get something I want, I can get it, but I have to stop first and ask myself…do I really need this? Am I going to use it for the next five to eight years and why do I want it? Then I sleep overnight and make a decision the following day. Also in this OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE world and social media frenzy we all think we “need” this or that but the truth is we DON’T! And the key for not falling into that trap is to be content with what we have, exercise self control and work for our goals (especially financially) so that we become free and are able to breath comfortably in this unhappy, materialistic and superficial fallen world.

Anyway I just wanted to write about this because it was in my heart and I know I have a bunch of sweet younger girls reading my posts and I don’t want them to feel pressure by social media and the “fraud” bloggers out there into hating what they already have and desiring the things they don’t posses. Especially now during Christmas when the most amazing gifts are Celebrating the birth of our Lord and sweet Savior Jesus, loving on family and friends and maybe get a warm robe or fluffy slippers😉!

In another note, yesterday morning Marco had a Christmas presentation at School, he didn’t sing a word but it was all soooo cute! Stefan and I loved it so much! Also last night we went out to eat sushi and to see the Bellevue Christmas Show and it was incredible and top excellence! Marco was there the two whole hours without making noise and he was mesmerized by the dancing, the lights, the flying people, fireworks, etc and his expression was like almost he couldn’t believe it ha! So sweet, I feel like life gets better with kids, Stefan was saying last night that we were born for each other and to be parents🤗! He is so cute!!!

If you can know anything about me is that I’m zero pretend and all real, no fakeness, no stupidity, just me.  I’ve been reading the book I showed in the beginning of the pics! It is awesome, and it was given to me by a sweet godly friend when I was going through a painful season two months ago and I recommend it greatly ; )

Two weekends ago I had a girls night in and it felt so good! To have my sisters here and just relax, eat, drink champagne, talk, laugh, play dirty Santa and just being together was a great feeling! We were just nine because a bunch of other girls couldn’t make it but was still good🤗! There is something therapeutic about talking with a girlfriend or many of them! It’s fun and it makes me happy!

K thanks for passing by to read a little! See ya around. Kisses, muuuuuuuak! Chaooooo.


P.S I’m very interested in you!

P.S 2 I’m so looking forward to wrapping Christmas presents! Only for 17 awesome people🎁❤️!

Photos by: Mateo @matty 

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