The Flowy Summer Dress!

Dress HERE!               Hat, HERE!

So obviously I can’t stop wearing this dress because it’s super comfortable, beautiful, has flowers on it and the ultimate off shoulder detail oh and the price is ridiculous!

Last night I was hanging out with a friend and she is like “I like that you always look great but you don’t spend a fortune” and I’m like “that’s right”! As a Colombian I like to dress nicely, it’s just what I do, I like it and I enjoy it, but I ultimately like to feel comfortable and be able to wear the clothes and not the other way around if you know what I mean hahaha. If you don’t know what I mean it’s the fact of owning it! Feeling beautiful in our own skin is the first step to wear whatever we want! And I cannot remark too much the fact that how we feel internally it’s going to reflect on how we look externally! So choose always to be kind and happy ; )!

I took this dress to Aruba and I will continue to wear it for a while! Muuuuuuuak, kisses, see ya later!


PS, My cilantro, basil, tomato and bell pepper plants are growing!!!! (So random hahahha)

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