Curly Hair + Boat Ride!

I have had many questions about my curly hair and what products I use to keep it in place and with defined curls. Ok, so I use coconut oil (pea size) when it is wet and I use this product! It smells like peaches and gives the curls definition! I use a lot of it while my hair is wet and then I style it. I make swirl little sections of hair and then crunch it up, after that I just leave it alone and don’t mess with it until it air dries! I have been enjoying my curly hair by the beach a looooot. My hair is very dry and the coconut oil makes it not look so thirsty. I usually wear it straight/waves and wash it once a week because like I say it’s very dry, so I can easily get away with it ; )!

The other day we went on a boat ride and saw different beaches! Before that we stopped for drinks because it’s was so hot! So anyway at the beach stops we didn’t get off because they were way to stony and we didn’t have water shoes. The different rock colors are so cool! There were some Italians in the boat and they were crazy hahaha! They were so loud and did the hand sign they do all the time! I love their energy though! After that we went to a little beach we found by and then we went eat dinner at a lovely restaurant and saw the sunset, it never gets old!!!

Next top, Naxos!

I hope you are having an awesome day! Muuuuuak, kisses!


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