Bubbles and Spring!

Hello guys! I cannot believe I have not posted anything in sooooo long! I did say one of the reasons why I was absent on my insta-stories! After I had Marco I have been suffering with unreal insomnia and I have to take strong medication, and in a bad day or week I literally can’t do anything!!! But anyway I’m so HAPPY Spring is finally here and we can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner outside, listen to the birds and enjoy the nice breeze touching the skin (what a wonderful feeling)!

Yesterday we had such a gorgeous day in Memphis! Marco likes bubbles so much that that’s pretty much all we did the whole afternoon! I love to watch his sweet little face enjoying and trying to catch the bubbles! He is such a sweet, happy and content child I can’t even believe it! So nice that he has reached the phase of giving me spontaneous hugs and kisses (I live for those)!!!.

I like this weather so much and I can’t help but to walk barefooted in our backyard! It feels delicious and liberating! Yes I wrote delicious because that’s how it feels ; ) !

I have chosen to enjoy everyday  as much as I can, sometimes it is difficult because of this health issue (insomnia), but when it is a good day I try to eat it up! Life is too short to not enjoy it to the fullest, even in our own backyard ; ) !!!

Alright, I hope you guys have a wonderful day! Don’t forget to smile and be kind to others (it makes  someone’s day easier and our own as well)!

Kisses, muuuuuuuuak



Dress: They ran out but here! is the same print and even cuter!

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