Best Facial Skin Care Products While Traveling!

Hello there! So I’m one of those people who take care of their skin because it shows that when I do my skin looks its best! It does not matter if I wear make up or not. When I travel my skin can behave different so I have to stick with stuff that work for me. So I have been using this products and I loooove them and they make my face plump and alive. The first thing after I wash my face I apply the serum that it is high on Hyaluronic Acid (which has powerful anti-aging properties) and then because I have very dry skin, like I wash my face, dry it and after that I cannot move my face because it is so dry hahaha!  I apply the moisturizer + spf . I found the brand Paula’s Choice Resistent moisturizer + spf when I was pregnant because I was looking for a safe spf (to avoid getting brown spots on my skin because of sun exposure, since the skin becomes extremely sensitive to the sun) and I really liked it! This stuff moisturizes my skin without making it oily and it also primes it to prepare my skin for the foundation or cc creams or whatever I’m using. But it is also awesome when I don’t wear make up at all!. I also apply (usually- I’m running out) an eye cream by Clinique (All About Eyes), so I have been applying this eye cream by Benefit and it works super well. Next I apply the Josie Maran (which is an illuminator with Argan so it is good for my skin) and it gives a healthy glow to the skin, it is the bomb! Finally I apply a peach corrector by Bobbi Brown because as a mom (always tired) I have to correct the dark circles under my eyes! and this is the best corrector I have found out there. Obviously when I wear make up I wear concealer but that’s another topic!

Anyway, I hope this was helpful to you and I’m being honest about this products! I use them EVERY SINGLE DAY! and they are my MUST HAVE when I travel giving me amazing results!. Let me know if you are interested about me writing about infallible make up. Or make up that lasts all day! I’m not wearing make up on this pictures except a little bit of eyebrow powder ; )

Thank you guys for reading! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions ok? We are going home today! (going to the COLD!) :0 Muuuuuuak, kisses.

Serum/Paula’s Choice

Moisturizer+Spf/ Paula’s Choice

Argan Iluminator/ Sephora

Eye Cream/ Clinique

Eye Cream 2/ Benefit

Under Eye Corrector/ Bobbi Brown


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