From the plane as we landed!

Hotel View

First Day

First of all the travel here two planes 8 hours in total was very easy peasy with Marco thank God!
So, our first day was so good! We got a taxi (with the friendliest taxi driver ever! God bless Mr. Eduardo, Aruban native)! and went to Baby Beach (East side of Aruba) which it was 45 min away from Eagle Beach which is where we are staying! The 45 min trip was wooooooorth it! What a BEAUTIFUL beach! The water was so clear and it never went too deep, so it was perfect for kids as well as people who are terrified of sharks like me ha!.
Marco was afraid of the water for some strange reason! The water felt so comfortable though but on the bright side we didn’t have to worry that he might run into the water! In other words we were able to relax the whole day while he played with the sand and napped!
On another note the food was delicious just how I like it, to eat the entire fresh fish at the beach, yum yum! You see…You can get the girl out of the coast but you can’t take the coast out of the girl kind of thing haha! These island people are so happy and they are genuine at service! I wanted to go snorkeling to see the colorful beautiful fish but I kind of don’t know how to swim YIKES! So I wasn’t brave enough 🙁  Next time!
While Marco napped in the stroller we got ourselves some piñas coladas and had time together ; ) .
We ended our day back at the hotel to have dinner al fresco and enjoyed a show and music. Marco is always so friendly and makes friend everywhere! He asked a 10 year old Cristina to dance hahaha, everyone was laughing and having fun with these kids!

Highlight of the day… when Marco lindo fell asleep in my arms on our way to the hotel!
So, that’s it you guys! Thank you for passing by to read a little ; ) Muuuuuuuuak kisses!


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