Aruba (Second Day)!

Hello there! So in our second day we relaxed as well and try paddle boarding for the same time (for shy purposes I cannot show Stefan’s pictures)! and like I said it was our first time and I went on it like I have done it all my life! I really liked it and was such a great workout! I previously saw a bunch of people falling off the board and not even able to balance at all, so I don’t know understand why it was so easy for me! It was a lot of fun and Marco finally agreed to come into the water with me without making a drama, but that was thanks to a lovely Italian couple who made Marco laugh and made him feel comfortable (she is a kinder garden teacher duh)!

Later we had lunch to a wonderful view and moved to our new all inclusive resort hotel  (Barceló Hotel) and this place is the bomb! The service is so good that only because I was craving green mango with salt, pepper and lime (they did not have it) they grabbed a fresh green mango from outside the Hotel and gave it to me! How cool is that (the little things)! Anyway that night we had Japanese food but of course I didn’t take pictures because I forgot the phone and camera at the room (story of my life)!

That’s it guys! Thanks so much for reading! Muuuuuuuaaak kisses.


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