Aruba (remaining pics and cactus thorns in my butt)!

Third Day

Funny Faces in the Elevator : )

Fourth Day

Sixth Day

Natural Bridge

Butterfly Farm

Seventh Day

Hello there! Yaaaaaaassss that’s a loooot of pictures but the trip is over and I wanted to just show all of them at once (because I felt like it)! So pretty much this trip was of relax. We have to come back because 8 days were not enough! On the third day I continued board paddling because I got so hooked to it haha although it was very windy so I couldn’t stand up, once I did and the wind took me so fast into deep water (I was panicking because of sharks)! Although there are NO shark attacks here and there have never been. We stayed at the  Barceló Hotel (Ressort) which is pretty great! Like I mentioned before it took a while for Marco to get used to the water although he looooved to float on the the water with Stefan and I! There was a day that we didn’t take any photos just because we didn’t feel like it, which for me it’s not so good because I have a hard time remembering days or what we did!

Marco made friends everywhere! I remember a Spaniard girl named Lola, then Sophie, Eva, an Argentinian girl named Renata and two boys Hampton and Benjamin (I can’t believe I remembered all those names)!!!!

Aruba is such a pretty Island and as you can see by the pics, there is desert, as a matter of fact after sitting on a rock for a picture with Marco my right butt was COVERED with mini almost transparent thorns!!!! So I had to sit on my left butt for the rest of the bus tour trying to take the thorns off my other butt (what a painful mess)! hahaha but eventually they all came out!

Oh and let me mention that every single beach in the island is public which it’s awesome! One thing I regret very much was not snorkeling but we will come back again for sure ; )! Now I’m so excited planning the next coming trip ; )!

Thank you guys for checking this out and you should go to Aruba! Wohoooooo! Muuuuuuuuak, kisses and have a fabulous day!



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