Another Day in Naxos!

My Bathing Suit here!


Another amazing day in Naxos, another beach! First of all, I want to take a sec to talk about how extremely cute this house and the stairs are!!! So much beauty and detail! I felt so happy to wake up here day after day! There are many cute beaches around the island and our friend told us to climb over some rocks and there we would find a little beautiful beach, obviously we went there and avoided the crowd having the beach almost to ourselves (there was only a couple there)! We enjoyed our time and relaxed a lot. Marco really loves the water this time and I’m happy that’s the case! Later on we went home and had dinner with our friends. Like I said before the food in Greece is amazing! One of our friends is Greek and she cooked such amazing meals for us. I loved to be in the kitchen with her to learn her secrets and stuff (I like cooking very much, specially when I have guests over to our house). Can you belive she was wearing the same perfum I was wearing? Soooo amazing! I was like, are you wearing Light Blue by Dolce&Gabbana and she said yes how did you know? I said, that’s the one I wear while traveling haha!

Meanwhile Marco played with a cat outside the house and I’m deadly allergic to cats so after I touched Marco I had swollen eyes, nonstop sneezing and several asthma attacks!

Later on into the night I randomly woke up and the moon was so bright and right on my face, it was so beautiful that I didn’t even get mad because my sleep was interrupted. I just took a moment and gave thanks to God and went right back to sleep. Sometimes it is just necessary to give thanks and appreciate every moment in life. Stefan’s mom has always inspired me to enjoy life as much as possible and to not take anything for granted. Can you believe she survived cancer 4 times in her lifetime? I think she overcame them firstly because of God’s mercy and secondly because she had the desire and passion for life always.

Thank you for passing by to read a little😘! I hope you are having a great day! Kisses, muuuuuuack!



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