A pm at the Zoo!

Hello guys! Today we decided to go to the Zoo because now Marco is more aware of things around him so he actually enjoys this kinds of things! I feel so guilty to support a Zoo by going there because I hate to see animals in captivity (I’m tearing now just thinking about it : ( ). Stefan says that most of these animals might have been born in captivity so that’s all they know (but still! Tha’s not their habitat)!. What I like is to be with my family, so I put my happy face and enjoyed the time there. I started out with the first photo’s outfit and then I changed into more appropiate Zoo shoes (I’m not THAT crazy to walk around the Zoo on heels hahhaha). For the look of the day I wore this hat! Let me clarify that it wasn’t for fashion purposes, today my hair was greasy and disgusting so hence the hat! (who in their fabulous hair day is going to cover it up with a hat?). Today was like Florida weather in Memphis! whaaaaat??? So crazy it’s almost scary! We are suppose to be having snow or something!

On another note Marco enjoyed his time at the Zoo running around and he also ran into some sweet friends!

Thanks for passing by to read a little! Have a good night sleep guys! Muuuuuuuak.

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BOOTS/ very similar Marc Fisher

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