Red Dancing Emoji!

Top here!  / Skirt here! / Sandals (old) Similar here!

Hello bom bom!!! If red made it to your color list for Fall then you need to check out this beautiful comfortable skirt!!!! And if you haven’t then you should! Red is a basic specially for Fall/Winter! I feel like the dancing emoji for sure haha. Like you might already know I’m Colombian and I’m all for clothing that moves like I do. I’m dancing all the time pretty much ha! This skirt is so romantic and the lace on it is everything! I decided to pair it with this stripe body because I wanted to give it a more casual street feel look to it. Strappy heels are a MUST have always but I could have wore white classic sneakers if I wanted a sporty chic look ya know. You see, the basic purpose of clothes is to not let other people see us naked. But there is so much more about clothes, is the way it makes us feel and move in a certain way. It expresses our mood and personality so I choose pieces that are timeless (not necessarily trends) and clothing that make me feel fearless, brave and bold! And beautiful clothing is not only for the rich and famous because now there are great pieces at great prices everywhere! The question is if you are ready to express yourself in your unique style, and then go for it ; ) !

…and please remember that style is much more interesting than fashion 😘!

See yaaaa, have an awesome day or night! Muuuuuuuak, kisses!



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