D Fall dress!

Dress here! / Cap (old), Similar here! / Marco’s romper here!


You guyyyyyyys this dress is the BOMB dot com! The other day we went out for lunch and this dress came along! I cannot tell you how comfortable this is, like how is that even real?! The mustard/goldish color is soo perfect for this Fall! The weather is changing so quickly, I can’t believe it, so later I would have to put a coat over it. These Fisheman style caps are good accessories to have ALWAYS, they never get old and they are coming with force this season, yaaas! For Marco I always make sure I have Nylon tights, cotton and fleece leggings. I find that they are super easy to put on depending on the weather, also they are versatile and he is very comfortable in them. You can never go wrong with navy blue ; ) !

Anyway, I thought I would share about this dress ; )! I’m ready-notready for this Fall season to start. But what I am excited about is Marco’s 2nd birthday this coming weekend I cannot believe he is going to be two!!! What in the world? Is soooo time for baby #2 (is kinda past due if I’m honest).

I hope you have a super sleepy night, or amazing day, wherever you read this from! I’m going to put a hydrating mask on my face now. Muuuuuak, kisses!


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