Last Day in Naxos!

So, the last day in Naxos felt perfect! We went all the way up to the mountains, had dessert and coffee with our friends (whom I don’t want to show because I haven’t asked them if they would like to appear on here), and we had a blast looking at the scenery and going to a little town (it’s better showed on my upcoming vlog) where we saw the most amazing pottery and little sculptures. Naxos is known for being the first sculptor makers, they do such a great job. So sad that they were so heavy so I couldn’t take it in our suitcases : (. Later on we found a nice beach and we stayed under a bush because we didn’t have umbrellas with us, but it was perfect! Marco was all the time in the water with either Stefan or I or both and that’s so good! He is also so happy playing in the sand, very content and all. My heart is full!

The day ended with a lovely local dinner (fish, octopus and calamari) and stunning sunset!

Next stop, back to Santorini! ; )

I hope you guys have a fantastic day! and remember to live and not only exist! Muuuuuak, kisses!





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