“Natural” Makeup!

Hello guys! Today I decided to share with you the natural make up that I have been wearing pretty much everyday! As I have mentioned in my Instagram, I prefer less make up when I have had a good night sleep and if I’m really tired I wear a little more, specially more concealer under my eyes! I do not like to mask my face but I rather highlight the areas that I like. I’m a super believer in skin care and in eating as healthy as possible so that my skin has great tone and elasticity! So anyway, the products that have been using lately and in order that I apply them are:

First, I put on the Primer , after applying all my skincare products that I have posted already under the beauty category! This primer is my favorite because it automatically makes the skin look even and super soft! Most days I don’t wear foundation but I only wear this primer plus some concealer and it does the trick!

Secondly, I put on this illuminizer that I can’t live without because it gives an amazing glow to the skin and it makes it look alive and healthy! I’m NOT a big fan of powder highlighters just because they look too obvious on the skin and who wants that?

Thirdly, I apply this foundation , which is my to go foundation during winter and spring because it is so light and the skin loos like skin just 100% better! Also it is not greasy at all and it last aaall day! For this demostration I only applied the thinest layer, less than a pea size, so it is perfect for a natural makeup look ; ) !

Fourthly, I correct (super light layer) my under eye area with a corrector in light to medium peach color and then I conceal the area with this concealer and I set it with this setting powder that is my MUST and it makes it last all day long!

Fifthly I apply whatever 24 hour lasting dark brown eye pencil I can find (usually from Target) and I apply it super mega close to the eye lash root, and then I apply this mascara that makes me look like I actually have eyelashes : ) !

Lastly I apply whatever rosy blush I have and this lip-liner on warm nude color and this matte lipstick on the color sincere and voilà ready to conquer the day! HA

It’s so funny how these pictures turned out giving the fact that Stefan came home for a 20 min lunch and I was wearing this kimono robe still from the morning!!! hahaha and I asked him to take some pics! I must say that he should consider photography as a serious hobby don’t you think?

I hope you guys have a fabulous day, don’t forget to smile and be kind to others! Muuuuuuuak kisses!


This post is also available in: Spanish

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